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  • newh1user
    01-29 06:03 PM
    I have little different problem here, I got my approval in 7 cal days so which is good and now I have start working with new employer so all good..

    Now new employer wants me travel to Europe for some official work for 1 week and since my passport stamp is on my old employer and approval notice is new employer so do you guys think it would be an issue?

    please let me know what all document etc I should carry during re entry?
    appreicated your help.


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  • pappu
    12-10 10:45 PM
    Check the archives. I recall a long thread on this topic.

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  • bkarnik
    04-04 10:36 PM
    The AOS (485) is based on the I-140 approved for the beneficiary listed in the I-140 and not the labor. Besides, the DOL is not really concerned about EB2 or EB3 category. The DOL asks for the alien information just to verify that the job ad is not tailored to meet the alien's qualifications. EB2, EB3, etc are categories under the INA which become applicable only once the I0140 is filed. In a nutshell, your friend should have consulted another attorney before the I-140 was filed under EB3. It is not possible to change the 485 filing to EB2 based on the labor because the immediately preceding step to filing 485 is the I-140 which governs.

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  • Rb_newsletter
    09-02 10:34 PM
    One of my ex-colleagues got his GC approved out of turn last year itself. He was EB3 - PD November 2005. They approved it for him, his wife and his two kids! He is a big devotee of Sathya Sai Baba and I think he certainly got his blessings on this one..!

    I have nothing against you or anyone. Just i found in youtube so thought of sharing it with others.

    YouTube - Sai Baba Tricks Completely Exposed. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yblhsr1O4IQ)


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  • Yeldarb
    10-28 11:02 PM
    dreeft, you could set it up as subcontracting work out though, all the work being funneled through one person and then subcontracted to other members of the "group"

    Then it wouldn't be a business and hence would be a "group" of freelancers :P

    I'd be interested if you could find some jobs Flash-Matic, do you have AIM or MSN?

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  • hopefulgc
    08-20 10:44 PM
    apr 2004


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  • sweet_jungle
    12-12 01:31 AM
    It's good to know.

    Well, i doubt having passport at FP would have helped. If in infopass they were not able to correct, how could they do it at FP ASC?
    Anyways, having docs helps. I was initially debating whether to take birth certificate at infopass and it turned out it was very much needed.

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  • joydiptac
    02-08 05:23 PM
    So which is better, LOA or termination of job? Hard choice..
    LOA till you get a job. LOA will maintain your H1b or EAD status with the same company.
    BTW, H1b to EAD is seamless, you needn't go out of the country to use EAD instead. On EAD you can work in a similar job. Talk to your attorney.


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  • sin94
    11-11 01:08 AM

    I am in a dire situation. I received on Sep 15th 2008 the dreaded email "request for initial evidence sent case placed on hold". Neither my lawyers nor the employer has received that letter and now its being 45 days and now nothing yet in spite of repeated requests from lawyers and employer to the USCIS.

    What are my option here?

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  • pa_arora
    07-17 12:32 PM
    A federal judge has ordered USCIS to pay attorney Kip Evan Steinberg $25,000 in legal fees after the lawyer's client sued the agency to force it to complete processing in an adjustment of status green card case. USCIS tried to point the finger at the FBI for delays in the name check process, but the judge wasn't buying. The judge found the 151 hours the lawyer put in to the case to be reasonable. So 151 attorney hours were wasted, an individual waited years unnecessarily and America's taxpayers are out $25,000.

    - From Greg Siskind blog


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-23 10:31 AM
    Guess we call it official - No one pending prior to Oct 1st 2003 EB2 as far as this site goes

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  • venkat9
    03-10 02:34 PM
    Thanks gckalafda,
    Mine was from NSC.


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  • cooler
    08-27 01:32 PM
    I went for Driver licence renewal.I have I797 H1B notice of approval for 2 more years.But I don't have it stamped in passport.So when they see it,they said they won't consider it as visa on passport is not valid and expired.Though I am not using ,I have valid EAD card also.So When I shown it ,they renewd my licence.Now I am thinking,is it ok If I use my EAD card for licence renewal as I am not using EAD status now.I want to be on H1B only.I don't want to use EAD now. can anybody tell me will it be alright to use EAD?Does it effect anywhere in my status?

    Please respond.

    As mentioned in your other post. This should have no bearing on your status.

    Question: Dear Ms. Murthy, can one apply for a driver�s license with I-485 receipt notice or is the EAD needed?

    Answer: Generally, most DMVs will only issue the DL when one has some clear legal status like H-4 or H1B status. The I-485 should be sufficient, in most cases, and the problem is often that the DMV staff is not as well trained with immigration documents. By requesting to speak with the supervisor, one may be able to obtain the DL based on the I-485 receipt notice, since all that the law requires as evidence that one is legal in the U.S.Apr-7-2008.

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  • FredG
    November 17th, 2004, 07:11 PM
    Hi randlesl, welcome to Dphoto! In addition to the above, some cameras are just calibrated to underexpose. My D60 did that consistently. I think I shot everything at +2/3 exposure comp. Some lenses may contribute to that as well. To test that, try taking a shot outdoors in good light using the same target with both lens set to 70mm and f/5.6. If they come out looking alike, all is well. If the 28-80 comes out darker, experiment to see how much extra you need to dial in with that lens to get it looking like the other. Also try a few shots with the 28-80 lens on a tripod, or other sturdy rest. If the images come out sharp, then the blur is like what I get ... operator error. If they are still blurry, then the problem may be with that lens. From what you said, though, and as jliechty suggested, it may be from trying to follow moving targets in low light with a shutter speed that can't freeze the action.


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  • chanduv23
    09-16 02:54 PM
    Come on folks - look at the brave little children

    You can come to see these little soldiers rallying

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  • gc_bulgaria
    02-12 08:50 PM
    Sorry, if this seems off-topic.

    I'm on H1B visa and my wife is on H4 visa. We file our taxes as a joint return. My wife is currently studying for MS. She has received in-state tuition fees. We received 1098-T from the university. I'm thiking about getting a lifetime learning credit which will reduce my tax bill. My questions are:

    * Are people on H1/H4 allowed to take lifetime learning credit for graduate studies?
    * Will this have any negative effect on our greencard in the future?


    We have used it. I don't see any negative effects to green card. You are resident for tax purposes.


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  • skd
    07-05 02:19 PM
    I know friends who are on L1 and there companies and they themselves are contributing to 401 K.

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  • abhijitp
    07-17 06:19 PM
    �The public reaction to the July 2 announcement made it clear that the federal government�s management of this process needs further review,� said Emilio Gonzalez, USCIS Director.

    The gov agency had to take note of the IV led campaigns! Great job IV!

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  • pappu
    04-12 01:16 PM
    Please add Immigrationvoice links on other related topics in it. I tried doing that some time back but then saw them removed.

    Any wikipedia experts here?

    07-12 04:54 PM
    Thanks Very Much Anne,

    USCIS received the response packet today around Noon, Hoping to get 3 years extension and don't want to go through the pain of EE docs, end client letters, SOW,....at least for next 3 years ..well i forgot If I exit ti still remains a problem...

    You should not have to pack up your belongings just yet. Chapter 10.5(b)(3) of the USCIS Adjudicator's Field Manual states:"Responses are timely filed if they are received by mail no more than three days after the due date, as provided for at 8 CFR 103.5(b) ." As long as USCIS receives your RFE response today or tomorrow, there ought not to be any problem. Also, because the "deadline" of July 10th fell on a Saturday there is a required automatic extension to Monday.

    For future reference, here are a few things to keep in mind regarding USCIS filing deadlines:

    1. "Filed" = actually received by USCIS. post marks or airbills showing date sent do not matter
    2. USCIS generally will not accept mail or courier deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays or Federal holidays.
    3. Saturdays, Sundays and Federal holidays must be included when calculating time periods.
    4. However, if the deadline actually falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Federal holiday, the deadline is extended to the next day that is not a Saturday, Sunday or Federal holiday. 8 CFR �1.1(h).

    Hope this helps,


    08-10 07:32 PM
    Count me in.

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